Friday, August 31, 2012


                                                                 My inspiration ... playsuit

Here is the playsuit that i bought on sales ! I love the dots on the top and the combination of black and white !
I chose to wear it with flat shoes and my favour vintage watch !

                                                                   LIKE IT ? HYPE IT !

Reading my favourite magazines ... Vogue , L'Officiel , Elle ..

                                                                     Playsuit : Fullah Sugah
                                                                    Sunglasses : Stradivarius
                                                                         Watch : Vintage
                                                                       Shoes : Tory Burch

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


                                                               My inspiration ... loose pants ( again ! ! ! )

First of all sorry for the bad quality of the pics ! That happen's when you are on the streets with no lights !
I spend a fantastic time because it was a ladies night ! So i will show you two looks !
Mine and my best friend's Pauline !
You can see this pants on an outfit here
You can see the shoes on an outfit here

                                                         MY OUTFIT :

                                           Bodysuit , Pants & Shoes : Zara
                                                      Clutch : H&M
                                                  Bracelet : store locator

                                                 PAYLINE'S OUTFIT :

                                            T-Shirt & Ring : Massimo Dutti
                                                          Skirt : Zara
                                                         Clutch : Tous
                                                      Shoes : Kalogirou

Friday, August 24, 2012


1. Two bags one love ... Zara on the left Longchamp on the right !
2. The esspresso , the chocolate cream and my Ipad !
3. Our sandals for today !
4. Me in Colin's T-shirt , Zara shorts and sandals , H&M sunglasses , Zara bag
5. Me again ! In close ! :)

Have a nice weekend !

Friday, August 17, 2012


                                                             My inspiration ... black and grey

Another day to my country house ! I choose for this outfit one of my favourite colour combination ... black and grey ! As you can see my accessories are a clutch,a handmade ring and a scarf that i used it as hairband !
Enjoy !

                                                                  LIKE IT ? HYPE IT !

                                                               Scarf : Galliano
                                                               T-Shirt : H&M
                                                           Shorts & Shoes : Zara
                                                                Clutch : Sisley
                                                  Ring : Handmade by G E O R G I A

Friday, August 10, 2012


                                                         My inspiration ... beige-orange dress

It was a lovely night full of drinks and water splash ! I was celebrate my name day with my best friends at my country house ! I chose to wear this Mango dress (gift from my boyfriend!!!) and a pair of Zara high heel shoes . I have no accessories only a golden hairband and my ponytail !
Enjoy... :)

Here's a lovely little kitty and he is the pet of my countryhouse ! Isn't he cute????
Hype on LOOKBOOK if you like it :)

                                                                    Dress : Mango
                                                                     Shoes : Zara
                                                                  Hairband : H&M

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Featured on Lucky Community

Hello guys!!

I just received an email that my post "MY LOOK #9" has been featured on Lucky Community!

So if you want to help just click on the link and vote!

Here is the link


Thank you!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Liebster Award

I just received an email from Daniela Rodrigues with the blog Fashion does not lie and she tagged me to receive this award.It's for blogs that have less than 100 followers and it's a great idea to introduce your blog to the people and make it popular!

 How does it work:

-Each person must post eleven things about herself
-Answer the eleven question the tagger had set for you
-Choose eleven blogs and tag them in this post
-Follow the tagger and visit at least three of the nominees

 11 things about me:

1. I love shopping!It's the best exercise!
2. I enjoy the summer because of the tanning and the ice creams!
3. I prefer reading magazines than books
4. My best friend is my dog,Atzi!
5. I have many pair of shoes and i always want to buy more
6. My blog really helps my style
7. I always think positive
8. I drink too much coffee and tea
9. When i want to relax i watch movies and tv-series
10. I really love singing and dancing with my girlfriends while i'm driving my car
11. I always put some mascara and terracotta on my face

11 questions that Daniela did to me:

1. Red or Black dress?
-Black dress
2. What is your favourite designer?
3. What is the colour of the nailpolishe that you're using on your feet?
4. What was the last book that you read?
-The Davinci Code
5. What is your favourite shop?
6. Chocolate or Strawberrie icecream?
-Strawberrie icecream
7. What is your favourite perfume?
-Candy by Prada
8. Is anything in your closet that you have for some seasons but even though you still use?
-My denim shorts!I wear it even the winter with black socks!
9. What is your favourite TV show?
-Dancing with the stars
10. Do you have a pet?If the answer is yes,which one?
-Yes!It's a dog
11. What is your favourite hobbie?
-I do dancing lessons

11 Nominated Blogs:

 11 questions for tagged people:

1.Summer or Winter?
2.Chic & Sexy or Simply & Sporty?
3.How do you spend your free time?
4.What was your dream job when you was little girl?
5.Louboutin or YSL?
6.What is your favourite movie?
7.Do you prefer the natural or the smokey eye for make-up?
8.Straight or Curly hair?
9.Do you prefer the window shopping or the online shopping?
10.What is your favourite song?
11.Do you prefer high heels or flat shoes?

Thank you for your participation!

Friday, August 3, 2012


                                                                    My inspiration ... loose pants

It was love at first site!From the moment i saw it i knew that it belongs to my closet!I love the color and the way it flew on me.As you see in the pictures i chose to wear it with a black mini top and a classic black jacket.Hype this look on LOOKBOOK if you like it!

                                                  I used this necklace like braid for my hair!Do you like it???

                                                                Pant & Top : Zara
                                                                  Jacket : H&M
                                                                 Shoes : Uterque  
                                                             Sunglasses : Moschino
                                               Necklace & Watch : Handmade by G e o r g i a

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Found On Sales!

1.Grey Sweater , Zara , 10e
2.Beige Moccassin , KEM , 80e
3.Dark Red Skinny Trouser , Zara , 36e
4.Suede Clutch Bag , Zara ,15e

1.Black & White Playsuit , Fullah Sugah , 23e
2.Black T-Shirt , Zara , 12e
3.Dusty Pink Loose Trouser , Zara , 16e
4.Black Asymmetric Skirt , Zara , 20e

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