Monday, July 29, 2013

My Insta-Holiday Diary

#Hello summer

#Breakfast enjoying the beautiful sea view

#Lace shorts & Asos shoes

#Reading Time

#In love with my new trikini

#Strawberry soup & Magadascar Vanilla ice cream

#Summertime ...


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Easy Hairstyles for summer!

Summer is a beautiful season...we spend the best moments of our lives under the hot sun,next to the beach wearing our bikinis..we haven't got much time to think about our hair and make-up.
So before you packed your things,take some cool ideas of easy hairstyles!
Really you will only need some pins,a flower headband and a scarf!

Το καλοκαιρι ειναι μια υπεροχη εποχη..ζουμε καποιες απο τις καλυτερες στιγμες της ζωης μας κατω απο τον καυτο ηλιο,κοντα στην θαλασσα φορωντας το μπικινι μας..δεν εχουμε πολυ χρονο να σκεφτουμε τα μαλλια και το μακιγιαζ μας.
Γι αυτο λοιπον πριν πακεταρεις τα πραγματα σου,παρε μερικες cool ιδεες για ευκολα και γρηγορα χτενισματα!
Αληθεια θα χρειαστεις μονο μερικα τσιμπιδακια,μια στεκα με λουλουδια και ενα φουλαρι!


Do it like a star...


Do it like a star...

Flower headband 

Do it like a star...

Wet Look

Do it like a star...

Lady In Maxi Skirt...

Skirt : Asos (find it here)
Blazer,Top&Shoes : Zara
Clutch : Sisley

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Discovering new apps...Powered by BrandBacker

At my latest mini app research i luckily discovered a brand new app called Flowboard .
Flowboard is the next generation presentation and storytelling platform for Ipad.Allows you to create interactive publications with text,images,video and links.

More specific when you begin creating your Flowboard you have the chance to choose between beautiful template the one that represent you and your ideas!
You can add links and navigation to encourage viewers to interact with your thoughts and to follow their interests.For times you may want to jump into PowerPoint you can simply export your document as a PDF and embed it in your Flowboard presentation.
Of course this app allows you to easily find,place and crop images.Could you imagine a better way of telling your story through your own gallery?
Also you can embed short video clips (YouTube search is available) to complete with a unique way your presentation.
Last but not least each Flowboard that you publish gets a unique URL that can be shared to your social network,blog or website.

My first Flowboard is ready and i'm present you the top 5 summer fashion trends for 2013!

View on Flowboard - Presentation and Storytelling Platform for iPad

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Who did it better?

        Jean Patchett by Irving Penn,Vogue                    Natalia Vodianova as Jean Patchett by
                                1948                                                      Steven Mercel,Vogue 2009

         Helmut Newton,Yves Saint Lauren                        Cara Delevinge for YSL Baby Doll
               Rue Aubriot,Vogue France                                           Mascara 2013

       Audrey Hepburn by Norman Parkison                  Natalie Portman by Tim Walker for 
                               1955                                                      Miss Dior Cherie 2013

        Dovima by Richard Avedon,Harper's              Anne Hathaway by David Slijper,Harper's
                            Bazaar 1959                                                    Bazaar UK 2013

              Cornwall Beach by Art Kane,                       Arlenis Sasa by Camilla Akrans for
                Harper's Bazaar UK 1970                        T Magazine's Travel Winter Issue 2009

            La Grande Odalisque by Jean                     Jukianne Moore after La Grande Odalisque 
         Auguste Dominique Ingres 1814                       by Michael Thompson,Vanity Fair 2000

      Diana Vreeland by Louise Dahl-Wolfe                 Sarah Jessica Parker by Peter Lindkergh,
                                1942                                                       Harper's Bazaar 2009

      Yves Saint Laurent in the pair Homme             David Gandy in Dolce&Gabbana eyewear
      fragrance campaign by Jeanloup Sieff                   campaign by Mariano Vivanco 2011

    Veruschka in YSL Safari by Franco Rubartelli,       Gisele Bundchen as Veuschka by Peter
                          Vogue Paris 1968                                  Lindbergh,Harper's Bazaar 2009

     Dovima with Elephants by Richard Avedon        Norman Jean Ray,Harper's Bazaar UK
                                   1955                                                            2006

All photos and texts taken from
Visit and discover more!

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