Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Personal Styling @ H&M

It was a great day and a great chance to learn more about my style and how important is to try different looks and outfits.

I'm talking about the day i met my sweeties Claire and Vasia from Fashion has it who had the mission to chose for me skirts,shoes,t-shirts,pants anything they thought that will suit on me.
I have to say that i really join our one-hour appointment and the fact that i was trying on clothes that someone else picked for me.
And yes i loved them all and i bought a lot of stuff!!!!

Take a look of what we did...

With my girls Vasia and Claire !

What is your favourite look ?? 
Have a nice day !

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Must Have For This Season - Prada Baroque Sunglasses

Elegant,minimal,chic,absolutely feminine are some few words to describe this stunning pieces of eyewear.Prada made the difference and show us this very unique and special design for every women who wants to stand out!
As you know and you can see many celebrities such as Asley Olsen,Eva Mendes,Hilary Duff and Rihanna dare to wear and we just adore them!

And if you still think how these sunnies will fit on you take some outfit ideas.Remember you can also shop the look!

                 Prada Light Tortoise sunglasses
                 Roxanne mid-rise straight-leg
                 Arissa silk blouse

Look #2 : White All-Star
                 Prada Crystal Brown sunglasses
                 Bermuda-stretch denim shorts
                 Ruffle-trimmed cotton shirt

Look #3 : Chain-trimmed suede sandals
                 Prada Black sunglasses 
                 Elaphe and silk blend jersey leggings
                 Cable-knit wool cardigan

There is a great chance to win this amazing Prada sunnies!
Check out the Sunglasses Shop and send email if you want to ask for more information!
Fingers crossed!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Confessions of 3rd day @ AXDW

The third and the last day we saw on the runway great shows from Rita Pateroni,Celebrity Skin,Stelios Koudounaris,Makis Tselios and Panos Apergis.
Let's see some interesting moments from their collections..

We started with Rita Pateroni.On her clothes you can see neo retro cuts,attractive and alluring but also modern minimalist with clean lines.Rita believes that every woman hides a goddess inside.The arabian night was there and the models with henna tattoos and golden jewellery showed us unique maxi dresses.Model's hair was up with braids and there was henna on face too.

Next came Celebrity Skin.Celebrity Skin are a dynamic,avant garde designer duo.From 2009-2012 their clothes have been featured in many magazines and many celebrities dared to wear their clothes.The 'dark atmosphere' fitted great with their collection.We saw black and white,studs and pearls on models.

We continued with Stelios Koudounaris.His collections are mainly driven by some rock and wild elegance always worked in such a way to lect women's body.We saw men's clothes and many colours like grey,black,white and beige.Ponytails and dark eye shadows on models.

Next was Makis Tselios.Makis Tselios designs speak to a woman's feminity and he is one of the most successful fashion designers in the Greek market.I haven't got many photos from this catwalk maybe because Mr Tselios wanted to make his show more private,so my position in the hall didn't helped me to take some good photos...

And we closed with Panos Apergis.For the past three years has exrended his creativity in the area of jewelry design,creating unique sets with the use of industrial material in combination with traditional ways of casting metal.The inspiration for his show came from the African safari and we saw scarfs on model's hair and colourful booties.

Great Moments and Great Shows!
Can't wait for the next AXDW!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Confessions of 2nd day @ AXDW (part 2)

Next designer was Irene Lytra with E.L.R.This collection for s/s 2013 inspired by New Age and Gothic art.She used purple,beige and white colors with golden details and she chose for her models to had their hair straight and light make-up.

Continued with Stylianos.Floral prints,transparencies and laces are combined with leather details and handmade leather belts on elegant yet sexy sihlouettes taken from the 50's.For this collection he combined two different cultures and the result was so good that he made him the big winner.Ponytail and red lips for the models.

Next was Manos Caravlidis with Runway.This first collection was inspired by strong sexual and dynamic femininity,coexisting,simultaneously in every single woman.He used many diferrent colors on mini dresses.Eye liner,red lipstics and ponytails saw on models.

Last but not least was F.A.K.E by great attention to designs,fabrics and quality service,the mission of is simply to offer the best online shopping experience.With flowers on head and amazing retro sunglasses models showed us the unique T-shirts and girly skirts.

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