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How to wear maxi-skirts and dresses this fall

 Show Your Fashion Prowess This Fall and Reveal Your Inner Fashionista


There is a strong correlation between your mood and the way you look. If you look like a million dollars, you are likely to feel better also. Major celebrities know this phenomenon quite well. When people dress comfortably and well, they feel confident about their appearance. Confidence originates from selecting apparel that is flattering to your body-type. It does not matter if you spent several hours or a couple of minutes preparing your ensemble, you can always look as though you are very “put together” and well groomed.

What to Wear This Fall

The maxi-skirt is one of the favorites this fall. It is flattering to all body types and can be transformed from casual to more formal with a change of the blouse and accessories.  Transition from the summer maxi-dress to the fall maxi-skirt featured in a variety of styles, patterns and textures. The maxi dress does not require a tall physique contrary to popular belief. Instead, people of all statures can successfully wear this style. If you wear this style and you are petite, attempt to pair it with a pair of high-heeled booties or the wedge boot. Both are popular this season.

The maxi skirt is versatile and available in a variety of styles. Pleats are in this season, and the maxi skirt has capitalized on this popular trend. When paired with a cardigan, you can transport yourself back to catholic private school days and reminisce about your school uniforms.

Maxi skirts will come in a variety of colors. The color choice will depend on the preference of the wearer. Whether you are wearing neutrals and blacks or a bright floral print, a cardigan pairing or an oversized knit sweater is ideal. An intriguing beaded or stone necklace or a pair of long chunky earrings will complete the maxi skirt look and appeal.

Scarves are en vogue this season. Wrap a scarf around the neck for contrast and intrigue. Also include bangle bracelets to complete the outfit. As long as the accessories are complementary, the ensemble will be memorable. Many people will provide compliments if you “rock” this look. With compliments, you will feel comfortable and confident in any environment you enter.

Go shopping and find the perfect maxi dress, women’s shoes and accessories. You will be the star of the show as you show them how fashion is worn at its best.

Celebrity Style

Ashley Olsen - Drew Barrymore - Blake Lively

Jessica Alba - Olivia Palermo - Miranda Kerr

Article by Anya Sarre


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