Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Deborah Turbeville Photography

Deborah Turbeville was born is Massachusetts and raised in New England.When she was twenty years old she moved to New York City to work with designer Claire McCardell.Having a fond interest in designer clothing Deborah became a fashion editor.

It was not long after that she realized that her heart was in photography.When she finally got behind the camera,Turbeville began to revolutionize fashion photography with her avant-garde style.She began working alongside the photographers she had once collaborated with as an editor.She worked with popular fashion magazines such as Vogue,Harper's Bazaar and W magazine,shooting for Ungaro,Karl Lagerfield and Comme des Garsons whilst received personal request from personalities such as Jackie Kennedy.
Taking photographs for more than 30 years,her aesthetic has never changed.Her methods of post-production-negatives are scratched,taped and smeared-serve to continue the pictures disconnection from reality.
Turbeville's distrinctively evocative style was recignized by the Fashion Group Lifetiem Award for Fashion Photography in 1989 and the Alfred Eisenstadt Award for Magazine Photography for the Fashion Single Image and Photo Essay in 1998.In 2002 she received a Fullbright scolarship for a lecture series on Photography at thw Baltic School of Photography in Russia.In 2005 she taught at the Smonley Institut,also in St Petersburg on behalf of Bard College.
The photographer continued working into her eighties,shooting Vlaentino's spring/summer and autumn/winter 2012 advertising campaigns last year and publishing her final book,Debohar Turbeville:The Fashion Pictures.
Unfortunately the fashion photographer has died aged 81 after a battle with lung cancer.


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