Monday, July 28, 2014

How to Instagram like a Pro _ The top 5 Fashion Apps

We have to admit it!Social media became the way in which bloggers communicate,share their contect and some of their personal moments.
It didn't take a while for Instagram to be our 'addiction'.So how can you share pictures with the perfect light,composition and frame?
Here are the top 5 editing apps to download now!

1. VSCOcam _ Try it once and you will definitely stop using Instagram filters.It's the new 'must have' app especially for world travellers and food lovers.

2. InstaSize _ It's really frustrating when your photo can't fit the instagram frame!This app will make your photo fit without cutting anything off.

3. Afterlight _ Use this app to have another version of Photoshop but with an easier way of use.It offers textures to play with and filters to make your photos more cinematic.

4. MoreBeaute _ Take your selfie to the next level by using this app.This app makes your skin look flawless and smooths away anything unwanted!Like a miracle!

5.Whitagram _ Make your Instagram account look like a fashion magazine.Play with negative and positive choices and use all the photo editing tools.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and don't forget to share with me your favorite apps!


  1. You definitely are an insta-pro dear ;-)

  2. I would the app A Beautiful Mess for cute fonts and frames!


  3. I think I will download the VSCO Cam.


  4. great tips :) thanks for sharing!
    big kiss!



thanks for your lovely comments! :)

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