Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Product Review : Irresistible Me Diamond _ Professional Styling Iron

Have you ever heard about Diamond Technology? If not , here is a professional styling iron with crushed diamond in its iron plates!

As a girl with natural straight hair i usually prefer to style them by creating loose curls. So in my wishlist was always a styling iron that would make this process as fast as possible and give me a hairstyle that would last.
Then Diamond Hair Styler came into my life..

The first thing that draw my attention was the packaging, a luxurious black box. Perfect idea for a gift too!

Talking about its design i have to say that its light weight and the 360° mobile cord made me really comfortable to complete my hairstyle. In almost 15 seconds it reach the temperature you set, while in case you forgot to turn it off it will shut down automatically in 30 minutes. Moreover the hidden buttons inside the iron is a big advantage as there is not any chance to push them while you styling your hair.

A single pass between its plates with tourmaline technology made my hair instantly look smooth and volumimous without frizz.
It took me less than 10 minutes to complete my look!

The only thing that you have to bare in mind is that. If you are living in Greece probably you will have to change the plug as Irresistibleme company based in U.S.

All in all,  is a great styling iron friendly in use with incredible safety features. The ceramic plates made with crushed diamonds and tourmaline will make your hair look fabulous even if you style them straight or curly!

"The before and after selfie..."


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