Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Model For One Day

April 8 was not just a typical day. It was the day that i walked on Athens Exclusive Designers Week runway in TopShop x Sotris clothes!

For this project the brand Topshop and Sotris Stores recruited 10 Greek fashion bloggers to choose an outfit that represented their style and had as a main inspiration the city of London.

With the professional help of Diamadopoulos Academy for our hairstyle and Freddy Kalobratsos with his team who did our make up, we had the ultimate pampering experience.

The best part was my 30 seconds catwalk on the runway! To be honest i hardly remember that moment as i was very nervous and afraid that something may go wrong.
That was the reason i kept my phone and i recorded the whole thing! ;)

It was a unique and great experience that i will never forget! 
I really enjoyed it as i had the chance to come closer with all the other girls/bloggers and share our beautiful moments.

Many thanks to Elena from Sotris,Rania & Katerina from AXDW for trusting me and of course my sweet partners in crime Stephania (Not for sale), Angeliki (Barefoot Dutchess), Vassia & Claire (Fashion Has It), Eva (Jean Tonic Fashion) & Miss Margaret Cruzemark .

Enjoy & Feel Free to tag youselfs ! ;)


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