Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekend in Nafplio!

After a long time, i had the chance to spent some time with my beloved girl Daphnia in Napflio. Tresor Hotels helped us to choose one of the best hotels in Naplio, Hotel Perivoli

At our arrival we had a very warm welcome from four stray dogs! As a huuuuuge dog lover my first though was to ask if someone was taking care of them. I felt really happy when the owner of the hotel informed me that he and his stuff are looking after them and encourage their visitors also to adopt the dogs!
After this (important for me) information, we enjoyed a glass of homemade lemonade and we kept notes of the places that we had to visit in Napflio.

Our room was perfect, a combination of traditional atmosphere with modern touches and a breathtaking view! A panoramic view of the Greek countryside, ideal for the nature lovers!

We also enjoyed the delicious handmade breakfast made with traditional products.

We spent a lot of time walking in the centre of Nafplio, taking photos and tasting ice creams!

Last but not least we visited Palamidi, a fortress that commands an impressive view over the Argolic Gulf, the city of Náfplio and the surrounding country.

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